New Sanibest Microswitch Spare Part


Buy A New Sanibest Microswitch Heavy Duty


Part fits, Saniflo Sanitop Sanipro-XR Sanislim Sanivite Saniplus Sanichasse Sanibest Sanishower Sanispeed Sanipack Saniwall Saniaccess 1 2 3 Sanibest Pro Traymatic Sanibroyeur Minirupteur.

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New Sanibest Microswitch Float Minirupteur


Buy a heavy duty long lasting new micro switch Minirupteur for Sanibest Macerators.

If your Saniflo has intermittent stop start problems you most probably need a new microswitch or float switch – Sanibroyeur Minirupteur.

Does your Saniflo Macerator take time to switch on or off or not at all?

It may need a new Saniflo micro switch or float switch as they are commonly known. The switch is located inside the control box that is attached to the Saniflo motor.

You will find that the existing switch has become to stiff to operate or does not click anymore, opening and closing the circuit leaving the motor in the on or constantly running position.

Once you have changed the switch for a new one you will notice a vast improvement on your existing switch, the macerator will switch on and off almost immediately.

Our microswitches must be used as they have the correct pressure setting for your Saniflo. if you do not use the right switch it could result in your saniflo not switching on early enough causing back ups in showers and baths. We strongly recommend changing the membrane at the same time as the microswitch if yours looks damaged, seems stiff, or has limescale on as it will affect performance. When changing the two together you will notice a vast improvement.

We can provide you with a new switch within a couple of days.

The Saniflo Microswitch Float Switch Minirupteur is for,

Saniflo, Sanitop, Sanipro, Saniplus, Sanivite, Sanishower, Sanichasse, Sanipack, Sanislim, Sanibest and Sanispeed SANIACCESS.

Buy A New Sanibest Microswitch Float Now!

This part in Europe is known as a Sanibroyeur Minirupteur

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