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Doctor Saniflo
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 258 reviews
by Andrew Lander on Doctor Saniflo
Fantastic service

I found Doctor Saniflo whilst trying to identify and order the part I needed on an obsolete model which was working out to be much more difficult than I originally thought. Steven emailed me back on Sunday morning and following a few emails and photo confirmation my part arrived first class on Tuesday. All back together and working perfectly, this is an amazing service, very worthy of a full 5 stars. Thanks again Steven.

Thanks for your kind review and thank your for your donation, really appreciate it glad to help get an old machine working again.

by Darren on Doctor Saniflo

Well I stumbled across this site through a search Emailed them Sunday morning for advice etc was early and thought get a reply Monday ( like most companies) no 20 minutes later reply and mails going back and forth through the Morning advice l sorted plus bit they don’t do links sent for what I need etc from a another company

I’ve now saved as a bookmark for my unit price was good for my bit but the advice was great eased my mind know it going to be ok
Thank you Steven for taking time out on a Sunday

Top marks my go to place for parts and advice 🙂

Thanks Darren, glad to have helped you!

by John Brady on Doctor Saniflo
float not working

Replaced the rubber membrane which activates the micro switch and working fine

by Mike Pickering on Doctor Saniflo
Please contact

Please can you contact me can't send details saying file to big one photo. purchased products to fix from Dr Saniflo very impressed with speed of service.

by Chris NASH on Doctor Saniflo

First class, many thanks, got me out of the mire.

by Robert on Doctor Saniflo
Saniflo Slim

Excellent help & advice steve
i did tests but sadly it was the motor that was kaput so need new saniflo slim
Thanks again for the help & advice
Kind Regards

by Jim roles on Doctor Saniflo
Sanislim parts

Very quick and efficiently executed. full of good high quality advice. Thanks

Glad we could help Jim, thank-you for your kind review.

by jeffery hill on Doctor Saniflo
slow to start and stop

replaced membrane and micro switch. works great now.

Thank You All.

Thanks for your kind review Jeffery, glad your machine is now working well.

by rg on Doctor Saniflo
Capacitor problem

* advice was spot on and instant response.
* Fixed problem with replacement parts
* good service

Thanks for the great review, happy to help.

by Mick on Doctor Saniflo

Extremely prompt and professional many thanks.

Thanks Mick, happy to help.

by Nick on Doctor Saniflo
Hassle with order fulfilment

Had problems with this company fulfilling the order, they insisted I contacted Royal Mail to track a parcel that Royal Mail said they could help with , I am now 5 days since placing the order , Rachel says I now need to wait another 14 days until they will refund my payment.

I don't expect this to make it to the reviews board, so will upload to trustpilot as well.

Odd that negative comments don't make it on to the board.

Thank you for your review Nick, as you are aware from our many emails we have been awaiting a response from Royal Mail as your parcel dispatched on 20th Sept was not delivered and signed for. Until the parcel has been signed for we have no proof of delivery and have to wait 10 working days to submit a claim.
We submitted a claim with Royal Mail on 3rd Oct and after their investigation we received a reply with a full refund issued on 4th Oct and apologies for the lost parcel (letter received today 6th Oct). We have now made a full refund to you.
Again, I am sorry you have had this experience but I hope that you can understand that we have done everything possible to act as quickly as we could to resolve the issue, until we received confirmation from Royal Mail under our terms we were unable to make a refund, we have to treat all lost items seriously as we have in the past had fraudulent claims. I can assure you that there is no scam in place as your quite abrupt, threatening and demanding emails have suggested.

So I am now able to answer your review comments and publish it on our website as negative comments do deserve a response, as all of our comments receive responses. So this negative comment did make it to the board as all comments do.
All the comments are genuine on this website as we do go above and beyond in and out of hours to help our customers for little or no reward.

by Peter Tagg on Doctor Saniflo
Efficient and Recommended

I ordered the part for my Sanivite 3 on Monday before 9:00 am for postage to Spain where our faulty machine was located. The part was posted by mid morning. What a pity that the Post Office international delivery service is not as efficient it took them 5 days to get it to Madrid and the Spanish post took 2 days to get it to me.

The part was exactly what was needed, the technical advice was reassuring. What more can I say, we are up and running again for £21 much less than the cost of a new machine.

Thanks for your kind review Peter, we were happy to help. Your delivery left the UK on the 25th from then on was in the hands of Royal Mail's delivery partner Correos (Spanish postal service) The bulk of the time was spent with them and travelling via their network within Spain. The Royal Mail estimate for International Tracked & Signed delivery is 5-7 working days, so your parcel was delivered within the specified time frame.

by Bernard Mullin on Doctor Saniflo
Excellent advice

Rachel dealt with my enquiry and provided some good no-nonsense advice which I will act upon. Again my thanks, Bernard

It was a pleasure Bernard, glad Steve and I helped you 🙂

by Gerald on Doctor Saniflo
Brilliant team at Doctor Saniflo

Enquired for advice on replacing failing capacitor on a sanicom. They returned email very quickly with good information. Excellent team and will use again.

by TUT on Doctor Saniflo
Good info

Found some very useful info!!!

by Steve Hull on Doctor Saniflo
new cap for old Sololift

Fast, accurate advice and prompt delivery of the required replacement part. Couldn't be bettered.

Thanks Steve!

by MJMC on Doctor Saniflo
Saniflo would not switch off

I have at last got around to fitting the parts I bought from you after you advised what may be wrong. I replaced the micro switch and membrane & clip as the unit ran constantly and would not switch off. It now works as it should once again. Thanks for your pre-sales advice it was much appreciated as it was MUCH more cost effective than having to buy a whole new unit. Great service!!!

by Rich on Doctor Saniflo
Replacement parts

My saniflo macerator packed up for the second time in seven years. My plumber neighbour has now retired, so I found Doctor Saniflo.
Their advice and instructions are good and v practical.
The parts ordered Thurs 17:00 arrived Saturday morning.

You made a very daunting and horrible job possible. Thanks.

Thanks Rich, glad to have helped!

by Joe on Doctor Saniflo
Saniflo capacitor

Have a 4 year old sanipro xr started making buzzing noises but not pumping found dr.saniflo site and read faq the symptoms were in the faq list. I filled enquiry form in on web site and received a reply by return. This was a comprehensive detail how to gain acces to capacitor and to how to check if it had failed. When I sent for the correct capacitor at 7.30 in the evening I got a reply in 15 mins to say it had been despatched 1st class. I am now waiting for its arrival fantastic service.

Thanks for your review Joe, happy to help!

by simon on Doctor Saniflo
replacement Capacitor

I was not sure about the item i needed to used the contact page ,
when the page would not let me send a photo i sent a message and i received a email bk asking to put photo on email
we found the item and wow best customer service I've had in a very long time ,

by Rob on Doctor Saniflo
Great Service!

My Sanivite 3 was continually pumping due to water seeping back through the non return valve, and eventually stopped working completely. I gave the unit a good clean out and replaced but the same thing was happening - I sent a couple of videos and thanks to Stevens brilliant diagram explaining the positioning of the non return valve I now have a functioning and much quieter unit.

by K M Fisher on Doctor Saniflo
Saniflo repair

After about 10 years of service my saniflo unit started playing up.
I thought no problem, I will just buy a new one....
I then looked online and the bottom line was they were around the £300.00 mark !
Did some research and found Dr Saniflow.
What a fantastic service, sent it to him, he replaced a part for around less than £100.00 including inspection, carriage etc. Job done.
The bottom line is if your saniflo fails, don't buy a new one, just send it to these guys.
Thanks again
K M Fisher

by Suzanne on Doctor Saniflo

Great info

by Maria on Doctor Saniflo
Saniflow Repairs

Brilliant service and advice about repairing my Saniflow unit. Saved a fortune on plumbers bills and I did it myself

by Chris Daniel on Doctor Saniflo

I sent a video showing the problem with the saniflo, clear precise instructions what to check came back quickly. Reassuring to have such excellent service so readily available - beats saniflo engineers (£125 just to turn up!) hands down. Thanks, Steven!

by Nic on Doctor Saniflo
Excellent and Helpful

Very helpful, friendly and quick service. Many thanks for helping make sure I ordered the right parts. 👍🏻

by John Purser on Doctor Saniflo
Amazingly good service

An enquiry on a bank holiday was answered within hours - with accurate service info on a 25 year old pump.
Also impressed to know he is committed to repair, not replace - what a refreshing attitude.

by Colin Hales on Doctor Saniflo
Satisfied Customer

After 2 separate failures of my Sanitop macerator and much frustration on my behalf I contacted Steven at Dr Saniflo.
I had managed to get my macerator working again but I was concerned that another failure could be imminent. Rather than reinstalling the macerator I decided it would be safer to ask Steven to service the unit and replace any suspect items.
Steven tested the macerator and only needed to replace the capacitor.
The macerator has now been reinstalled and is working fine.
Overall I am very satisfied with the expertise and quality of the service given by Steven and his staff all at a very realistic price

by alan on Doctor Saniflo

Described a fault and recieved several emails giving in depth trouble shooting advice. Outstanding customer services to a level that is very rare these days.

Thank You

by Walt on Doctor Saniflo

Very helpful and fast response back ordering parts also

by Michael on Doctor Saniflo

Very good and quick service, I'm pleased to say that my Saniflo unit
now works. New microswitch, membrane and clip.

Thanks for your kind review

by Stephen doyle on Doctor Saniflo
Initial helpful advice

Steven freely gave some initial installation advice re discharge pipe diameter. He knows what he is talking about, in future I will definitely use him for spares and repairs.

Thanks Stephen, glad to have helped you.

by Catherine on Doctor Saniflo
Pump clogged

Very quick reply
Accurate advice
Problem solved! Thanks
Sololift2 c3

by David Fox on Doctor Saniflo
Pump will not stop

Excellent very speedy reply once I got the questioner done many thanks to Steve will send for the parts !!

by Steve on Doctor Saniflo
Great Support and Service

I contacted Doctor Saniflo as my unit was making much noise but no pumping. Steven was most helpful and careful before suggesting I needed a new Capacitor and Membrane.

We exchanged emails, I created a video for him to see and all in all I had great service from Steven.

I also learned a lot about Saniflo and about my wife's capacity to put up with quite a bit of mess as I fought the Sanipack beast.

At any rate, we prevailed and now have a unit which not only works but is quieter than it's ever been (for quite a while).

Super service and I learned a lot!

A pleasure to help you.

by Alison Oliphant on Doctor Saniflo
Great help

Utterly stuck because I have a Grundfos macerator which no-one except Grundfos will service, and because they have a monopoly, they don't replace parts of the mechanism, but the whole thing at a cost of over £1000!!! Very sensible and timely advice from Dr.Saniflo which I hope works and I don't have to end up changing whole system to Saniflo just to get this white elephant serviced!

by Shahid Haque on Doctor Saniflo

Great help, thank you very much. 😊

by John Allso[p on Doctor Saniflo
Couldn,t get the lid of my sanislim

Steve told me how to do ,quite simple ,but as I had tried it this way before, so I tried again with more effort and hey presto it worked

by Phil George on Doctor Saniflo
Great Advice

I submitted a query on the online form and had a very swift response, followed up by some great advice on email! Many thanks for such great service 🙂

Pleasure to help you.

by John on Doctor Saniflo

Very help-ful with my inquiry much appreciated

by Jan on Doctor Saniflo

Great thanks

by James on Doctor Saniflo

Jet speed service . Easy transaction. and I live in the US.

Thanks James, happy to help 🙂

by richard on Doctor Saniflo

Great service and help from a company thats aim is to keep your saniflo pumping... nothing is too much trouble for them... excellent communications...

by jon on Doctor Saniflo
helpful imformation

I found this service very imformative and easy to under stand

by jhumphries on Doctor Saniflo

Thank you steve for that very good and information I appreciated it concerning it about what type of macerator to use

by Chris Daniel on Doctor Saniflo

Well I'm afraid I'm going to be as boring as everyone else on this page and say what a great service! Steven's advice has helped me solve a problem with my turboflush which I'd had for a while but which no one could help me with.
Quick response to my email - in the dead time between Christmas and New Year when everyone else is off - with clear instructions. Model customer service - and I'm not even a customer! - which puts Saniflo to shame (a visit from one of their engineers would have cost me £100+ just to turn up at the door).
Many thanks, Steve.

Thanks for your kind review and have a happy new year

by Dave Cook on Doctor Saniflo
Excellent service

Had a query regarding my saniflo and emailed the guys here they emailed me an answer back in about 15 minutes with a solution on a Friday night before Christmas !!

Great job thanks Steven !!

Thanks for your kind review Dave, have a great Christmas!

by Martin Stevens on Doctor Saniflo
Top stuff!

Speedy delivery. Much impressed by the 'how to' video link that came with it - and even more impressed with the speedy response to my email query whilst fitting the part on my Sanispeed

Thanks for your kind review Martin, glad to be of help.

by Chris on Doctor Saniflo
First class service

Amazing who said you get nothing for
Prompt reply excellent clear advice, links
to videos I had been unable to find.
Thanks Steven you’ve saved me hundreds of pounds
at Christmas total cost of capacitor a tenner
Merry Christmas to Doctor Saniflo

Thanks for your kind review, glad to be of help and Merry Christmas to you too Chris.

by Keith on Doctor Saniflo
Saniflo parts help

This is a late entry but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Racheal and Steven for the help they gave me troubleshooting my system and researching the proper parts. I bought the unit locally but was coming up empty finding the help I needed. I live in the USA and thought it to be absurd that I had to reach out to the UK for a product that I bought here but the fact is I just couldn’t so i am willing to bare the cost of shipping in exchange for the excellent customer service I received. Thanks

by Colin Johnston on Doctor Saniflo
Thank You

Finally got the time recently to fix the spare parts bought from here into my Sanibest unit. The help and advice of Steve and Rachel in getting to this point was unbelievable. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Pictures sent back and forward via email, super quick responses to email, all in all I don't think I could have got better help anywhere.

Many thanks.

Thanks for such a great review Colin.
Pleased to help and glad your Sanibest is back up and running!

by Robert Barr on Doctor Saniflo
Mission accomplished

Steven couldn't have been more helpful. A less scrupulous person wold have told us to send our Sanishower unit in. Steven gave me full instructions by email, pointed me at a video of how the job is done and turned around my order for a diaphragm and micro-switch in 24 hours. I didn't feel very confident but Steven's instructions helped at every stage. Brilliant!

By the way the Sanishower now works correctly. I understand it, and, by putting a foam mat underneath it, it is even quieter than before. All for a small fraction of the replacement unit many plumbers would have told me to fit.

by Robert Barr on Doctor Saniflo
Gave me confidence

Steven’s very prompt and helpful advice gave me the confidence to have a go at a repair, when my plumber just wanted to replace the unit. Have ordered a diaphragm and micro switch at a small fraction of the replacement cost for the whole unit. Thanks!

by Ed Slack on Doctor Saniflo
Prompt Response

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and answering my question!

by gordon elliott on Doctor Saniflo
saniflo repair video

many thanks problem solved micro switch and diaphragm replaced

by Frank kithinji on Doctor Saniflo
Great & apeedy response

I emailed Doc suniflo about my turboflush motor not
running , and the response i got from Steven was spot on .He identified the problem and lm soo impressed.
Thanks Steven

by Neil Byrne on Doctor Saniflo
speedy customer service

I sent an email to Dr. Saniflo enquiring about availability of a part
Reply from Rachel within 10mins
Customer service as it should be !
Top notch stuff
Neil Byrne

by David Aldred on Doctor Saniflo
leaking saniplus

Stephen responded to my original email within 10 minutes and once I had sent a few photos of the problem he suggested a solution which has solved the problem. Great customer service and worth every one of those 5 stars.

by Grant Whelan on Doctor Saniflo
Swift support and great info !

Our concerns were responded to very quickly and the information provided was spot on !
Thanks for your support.
Grant Whelan.

by Gary on Doctor Saniflo
Sanipro motor not running

As usual nice quick response and great advice, would recommend Dr Saniflo to everyone who has problems with maceraters. Thank you once again.

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