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Saniflo Repairs

Doctor Saniflo online macerator repairs in Great Britain

Need your Saniflo macerator problems repaired?

Please contact us first before sending a Saniflo to us to determine if it is worth trying to repair as there is a fee to be charged for our labour to inspect any Saniflo if it repairable or not.

We may be able to repair your Saniflo macerator and Turboflush models giving them a new lease of life. Most plumbers that you call in will not touch them due to the unpleasant nature inside.

You have probably had a plumber come to your house or workplace and without even dismantling the unit say, you need a new one, when that is not true we can easily carry out a Saniflo Repairs in most instances.

At Doctor Saniflo we offer a speedy repair service all you have to do is:

1. Remove the unit from its location

2. Empty any excess fluid to reduce weight as couriers charge by the Kilogram (i.e. let the unit dry out)

3. Put the unit into a bin liner and seal it up to prevent and remaining droplets of fluid escaping.

4. Place your full contact details inside, full name, address, post code, and telephone number & email address.

5. Pad the unit in bubble wrap or similar to protect in transit.

6. Once you have done this, all you have to do is send it to us using a courier of your choice, you will also be responsible for return postage. If you need a label put on your you can email it too us and we will print it off and attach it to your parcel.

Repairing your Saniflo Macerator is a lot cheaper than buying a new one, better for the environment by not adding more waste to landfill sites, recycling is the better option.

A Saniflo can last many years providing you look after it, we have worked on a 20 year old unit which was still going strong, all it needed was a new switch.

This service covers the whole of UK mainland. Approx turnaround time is 5-7 days from when we receive the unit. Click Here to go to our pricing page.

Saniflo Repairs

by John Pearson on Doctor Saniflo
Good advice, rapid delivery and clear instructions

We had a saniflo that was intermittently humming and blocking up. Whilst I could unblock the macerator I needed advice on the underlying problem. My questions were answered late on Sunday night and I didn't notice the message but when I got it the advice it was good and clear what to do and get. The parts I ordered at 1pm
were sent at 2pm and came the next day complete with instructions. The macerator is now running more smoothly and quietly than it did when it was new. Brilliant service and the only problem I had was the quiz on the query form wiped out my query first time, so I had to re-type it.

Thanks for your kind review John, glad to be of help and thanks for you helpful feedback on the slight website glitch. We'll look into it.

by Ian on Doctor Saniflo
First class

Item arrived promptly and well packaged. Is exactly as advertised- first class device and highly recommended

Many thanks for your kind review Ian, happy to have helped 🙂

No one to contact

Unfortunately the payment was not accepted and as there is no number to call, I could not proceed with the order.

Hi Nicola, Sorry to see you had a problem with your order. I can see your order on 20/08 is showing as 'Order cancelled by customer'. If an order has failed with the system we have in place, the customer is contacted. If the issue is a website matter it is resolved as soon as possible. We will also advise that you check your method of payment with your bank/credit card provider to see if there is a problem. Either way if you experience any problems again please use the contact method we have provided on the website - email: info@capacitor-shop.co.uk and we will be glad to help you.

by Keith on Doctor Saniflo
Great Help When I needed it

We moved into a new to us house high had a Saniflo in a garden building.
The Saniflo was running constantly.
A new switch didn't help but i was advised that the membranes was likely to have lost its elasticity.
A new one arrived over night together with video instructions.
All good now. Great service.

Brilliant news Keith! Glad to have helped you.

by Laurie on Doctor Saniflo
Great service

I found Doctor Saniflo when looking for help with a sanislim which would not switch off.
Great advice and super service to Spain.
Sanislim is back in business.
Thank you.

Thats great news Laurie, pleased to have helped you!

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