Saniflo Repair Tools

Saniflo Repair Tools

If your your a competent DIY’er and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty we have compiled a list of tools you would need to repair a Saniflo or any other type of macerator.

The tools we recommend are the tools we use daily, you may already have some of them or all of them in your shed or garage that you have collected over the years.

First product you need and is a must:

1, Wet and dry Vacuum: this is needed to get all the water out of your Saniflo, sinks, showers, baths etc. A vacuum can be used to  suck out small blockages from a Saniflo small bore 22mm waste pipe.

2, High Pressure Drain Unblocking Gun: This tool is needed to blast blockages out of the waste outlet pipe or waste inlet pipes.  If you have a blocked waste outlet put the wet and dry vacuum on the Saniflo waste outlet end and put this high pressure pump on the other end, cut the pipe before it does to the main stack and fire a few high pressure shots in to the waste pipe and it normally unblocks the pipe, if the blockage is stubborn it may take quite a few goes. If it doesn’t work you will have to cut the pipe in a few place to fond the blockage, the blockage in normally found in the elbows of the connecting joints.

3, Capacitor Tester: If your capacitor has failed or is failing it will be more than 5% less than its current rating. Example, if your Capacitor is a 10uF and on the capacitor tester it is less than 9uF or more its going to start causing you trouble, if your Saniflo is pumping vertical its best to change the capacitor, if the waste is pumping horizontal you may get away with it for a little longer. When the capacitor is failing it will start to have trouble with chopping up tissue and solids.

4, Screwdrivers: You don’t need many screwdrivers to work on Saniflo’s just a Pozi, a few different flat heads, a torx screwdriver and an electrical screwdriver. On some Saniflo’s Torx screws are used on some models as a security screw.

5, Battery Drill: You may already have a battery drill, we use the small Makita combo, it has a torch, a drill-driver and an impact driver. The torch on and drill last all week on site and are perfect for working in unlit spaces and some jobs have a lot of screwed panels, this lightweight drill fits in a small back pack with other tools and spares.

6, Plumbing Washers: We keep and assortment of rubber and fibre washers to use should we need them. When removing toilets and other plumbing work we replace washers overtime as using the existing ones can prove fatal and cause leaks and flooding, don’t cut corners always fit new washers.

7, Drain Snake: This is used occasionally to get small blockages out of small 22mm overflow waste pipe, we started off using a Rothenberger drain snake which can be used with a battery drill but a couple of years ago bought a more heavy duty Ridgid K-45 AutoFeed Drain Cleaner, but on diy the first one will suffice. The Rothenberger and the Ridgid drain snakes have a heavy duty spring which helps remove blockages, the cheap £10-£20 Diy hand helds get tangled up.

8, Multimeter: We use a basic multimeter for testing there is power to the machine if it is not working. This is the quickest way to find out before doing other time consuming work. The multimeter we have has a built in electrical sensor which allows us to see if there is power without unscrewing anything, it works the same way as the electrical testing pens but  is a multimeter too.

9 WD40: We keep the Trade size on board the van as we use it quite a lot, to lube up jubilee clips, clean rubber seals and more. Some jubilee clips corrode, the newer ones are Stainless steel  but still need lubrication before undoing them. We always clean the rubber lid seals on a Saniflo with WD40, after cleaning, refit the seal, spray the seal once fitted to the lid generously and clean the top of the box with WD40 where the seal will mate. This will provide a watertight seal and will make the lid really easy to put back on.

Go to see our Saniflo Repair Tools page to buy our recommended products.


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