New Broysan Planus Membrane Clip


Broysan Planus Membrane Clip


Part Only fits, Broysan Planus Macerator Pump due to size variation.

Parts now shipped worldwide email for a quotation.

With Fitting Instructions – Prices per clip, fast delivery

New Broysan Planus Membrane Clip


We will email a video link with instructions to show you how to fit the parts

Need a Broysan Planus membrane clip, we sell used Broysan Planus membrane clips to replace your broken one, the clip may have got damaged in the removal proccess.

A Broysan Planus Membrane clip retains a water tight seal to allow the macerator pump to switch on and off properly. Apply a smear of silicone sealant before attaching a new membrane and clip to make it water tight, if you fail to follow these instructions your membrane will fill with water and the macerator pump will not switch on and off properly, you will be lucky if it starts at all.

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