Saniflo Flexible Water Inlet Adapter


Buy A New Flexible Water Inlet Adapter

This part does not connect the toilet to the macerator.

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Note: This part is suitable for pipework from 32mm to 42mm, price is per connector.

This part does not connect the toilet to the Saniflo.

Sanibroyeur Manchon 46 / 40 blanc

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Buy New Saniflo Flexible Water Inlet Adapter

Need a new flexible water inlet adapter?

These flexible connectors can be used for replacing existing perished rubber flexible connectors. A Saniflo Sanivite in some setups like restaurant or office kitchens which run a lot of fat, grease and oil through the Sanivite tend to damage the rubber it can disintegrate, if yours is looking discoloured its best to change it before it starts leaking.

Some other reasons to change a rubber connection can be due to over tightening of the jubilee clip which then pierces the rubber and causes droplets of water to appear. Another reason for damaged flexible rubber inlet connectors can be caused by bath panels or tiled panels being to close to the rubber connector so when the Saniflo is in use and vibrating the tiles or panels can pierce the rubber, always leave clearance when fitting panels or tiles near rubber parts to avoid damage.

If you need to cap off the water inlet valves on the bottom of a Saniflo you will need to buy a Saniflo inlet blanking cap.

Buy A New Saniflo Flexible Water Inlet Adapter!

In Europe this product is known as Sanibroyeur Manchon 46 / 40 blanc

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