Saniflo Descaler Maintenance

How To Clean A Saniflo Macerator Toilet Pump

Saniflo Descaler Link Saniflo Descaler Cleanser 2×5 Litres

Alternative Saniflo Descaler Pro-Kleen Macerator Saniflo Cleaner

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Cleaning a Saniflo Macerator pump is so easy, this work needs to be carried out regular to avoid stop start issues in the near future.

Saniflo Macerator pumps have hard water and human waste being pumped out every time you use your Saniflo Macerator pump.

As with all appliances they need cleaning from time to time or you will accelerate the wear and tear process and can cause the unnecessary problems.

Saniflo have developed a special cleaning fluid called Saniflo Descaler and has been specially formulated to clean Saniflo

Macerator pumps.

Do Not use any other cleaning products that have not been designed to Saniflo Macerator pumps or you void your guarantee if you have one. Do not use vinegar, coca cola or kettle descaler or any other concoctions as recommended on some forums as they do not work and could damage your Saniflo, only use Saniflo Descaler or recommended alternative Saniflo Descaling products, we have provided links on our page for the correct products.

How to descale a Saniflo Macerator pump.

1, Turn off the power supply to your Saniflo Macerator pump.

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2, Add 2.5 litres of descaler to your Saniflo Macerator pump either by pouring it down the toilet or down a sink which is connected to the Saniflo, if you have a larger Saniflo like Sanibest Pro, Sanipro or Saniplus we recommend pouring 5 litres in to the macerator pump.

3, Leave to stand in the Macerator pump for the maximum of two hours as recommended by Saniflo, do not leave in overnight or you may damage your Saniflo.

4, Once the two hours are up, turn on the power supply to your macerator pump, your Saniflo Macerator should activate and pump out the used descaler. Once the machine has stopped flush the toilet using a full flush to rinse out the box and wait for the macerator to stop then flush out the box once more and then your done. If your Macerator is not connected to a toilet for some reason and its connected to a basin, fill the basin up to flush out your Saniflo.

5, Repeat this process once every 6 months in low use properties or in high use or commercial properties every 3-4 times per year.

The links to Saniflo descaler below will work on most macerator pumps, always read the label!

Saniflo Descaler Link Saniflo Descaler Cleanser 2×5 Litres

Alternative Saniflo Descaler Pro-Kleen 1 x 5 Litres Macerator Saniflo Cleaner

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