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Please enquire before ordering so we can check you have the right model you need and you may need additional parts..

Check pictures on this listing to confirm, Saniflos are rebuilt and new parts fitted where needed.

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Used Re-built Saniflo Macerators for Sale

Used Second Hand Saniflo Macerators. We are now selling used recycled second hand Saniflo Macerator pumps, the Saniflo’s that we are selling were taken out of properties we have worked in.

Used Second Hand Saniflo Macerators
Used Second Hand Saniflo Macerators

The Saniflo’s themselves are in perfect working order and new parts will be fitted where needed. The machines have been jet washed out and are ready for sale.

The models we have are older models and newer models of Saniflo X2, Sanitop, Saniplus.

Other models we have from time to time are the newer shape of Sanitop, Saniflo, Saniplus, Sanivite, Turboflush, Sanicompact, Sanishower, Sanipro and more.

Used Second Hand Saniflo Macerators

The Saniflo’s themselves are in excellent working order and some are only up to 6 months old when we took them out from the job.

All Saniflo’s we sell are tested for operation before they leave us.

If you are interested in a used Saniflo please contact us, email

Email us for more information to see if we have the model you need, send a photo of your old one if you are not sure.

All macerators sold by us come with a 28 day guarantee.

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Used Recycled Second Hand Saniflo Macerators

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