Saniaccess Sanibest Pro Sanipack Pro UP Saniwall Pro UP Membrane


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Part fits, Saniaccess & Sanibest Pro, Sanipack Pro UP macerator pumps

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Saniaccess Sanibest Pro Sanipack Pro UP Membrane


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Buy a new SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro membrane for Saniflo SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro Macerators.

Does your SANIACCESS SanibestPro Macerator have start stop problems?

You most probably need a new rubber Saniflo SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro membrane or also known as diaphragms, the symptoms are delayed starting, delayed stopping after pumping out the water, running intermittently or turning on and off when it feels like it.

If your SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro Macerator has never been de-scaled your macerator is probably full of limescale if you live in a hard water area.

The limescale forms all over the rubber membrane and stops it being flexible enough for the SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro microswitch inside the control box to be turned on and off when required to do so.

Other reasons for your Saniflo SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro Macerator to have start stop problems is due to excessive toilet cleaner use, after a period of time the toilet cleaning chemicals attack the rubber Saniflo SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro membrane and it shrinks, making it tough and inflexible, the Saniflo may switch on and take a long time to switch off or start intermittently as if it has a mind of it’s own.

We recommend changing the microswitch as well as the SANIACCESS membrane as you will notice a vast improvement when your Saniflo SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro is in operation.

We can supply a new SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro membrane and have it delivered within a day or two.

Buy A New SANIACCESS Sanibest Pro Membrane Now!

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