Ridgid K-45 240V Autofeed Drain Cleaning Machine

Ridgid 240V Autofeed Drain Cleaning Machine

Rigid K-45 240V Autofeed Drain Cleaning Machine

This is what we use for unblocking Saniflo small bore waste pipes.

It comes with an automatic wire feeding system which goes forward or in reverse should the drain snake wire become stuck.

You slowly feed the wire in until you reach the blockage, once you are there put the machine in to reverse and slowly wind the wire back in thats all you have to do.

This machine is great for cleaning out pipes up to 75mm, accessories can be bought like longer wires up to 10 metres long, but this drain unblocking machine is great for unblocking most pipework in the home, office or workshop.

After use always pull the wire out of the machine to stop corrosion. As you are pulling the wire out clean with a cloth and tie the cable up with a cable tie then hang it somewhere to dry then spray with WD40 to keep the wire in good condition for it’s next use.




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