WD40 is an essential tool when working on Saniflo’s it’s used for many things.

We us WD40 for freeing up stiff jubilee clips, cleaning the rubber seals and lubricating.

Our top tip for use on a Saniflo:

We often hear from DIY customers they have trouble putting the lid on any Saniflo, this is because there is no lubrication on the seal. Often customers damage the lids and the rubber seal when forcing the lid on.

When you remove the lid, spray the rubber seal generously with WD40, then wipe it clean with a rag or kitchen roll, after cleaning the seal clean the inside of the lid with WD40 before fitting the seal. Once you have completed those steps spray WD40 on the top of the Saniflo box where the seal sits and clean that with a cloth or kitchen roll.

Finally, spray the top of the box where the seal sits, spray the rubber seal too then fit the lid, it will go on nice and easy without much force. If you ever have to remove the lid in the future it comes back off easy the next time.

We keep the Trade size on the van which is 600ml which lasts quite a long time and is cheaper than buying the small cans.

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