Sanitop Macerator Pump Review

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Sanitop Macerator Pump 400w 1002 Review

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Sanitop Macerator Pump – Just when you thought you didn’t have room for a toilet in your small cloakroom, along comes the Sanitop Macerator Pump. This small but powerful pump gives you the freedom to connect a toilet and washbasin, and total peace of mind that all waste will be efficiently taken care of and flushed away completely.

Quiet and compact

You may have heard that macerating pumps are a little on the noisy side, but this simply is not the case with the Sanitop Macerator Pump. This is an unobtrusive pump featuring a quiet motor, making it the perfect choice if you have children that may be up in the night or you need to use your WC during unsociable hours.

Size is of course top priority when choosing a macerating pump and the Sanitop Macerator Pump is small, but perfectly formed. Whether you need to choose a macerating pump due to size constraints or building controls do not permit you to alter your plumbing significantly, this pump is a great choice and will not let you down. It is also very simple to install and comes with full instructions.

Here are just some of the features of the Sanitop Macerator Pump:

– A quiet motor for unobtrusive use
– Connection for handbasin and WC
– Single waste inlet on top of unit

The perfect pump for tight spaces

It can be frustrating trying to find the right WC unit for those very small spaces, but the Sanitop Macerator Pump makes this problem a thing of the past. Featuring a compact design, powerful operation and easy installation, this pump will give you many years of reliable use.

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