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Sanipro UP Macerator Pump 400w 1006 Review

Sanipro UP Macerator Pump, when you need to add an en-suite, but may struggle using traditional plumbing methods, the Sanipro Macerator Pump is the ideal solution. Whether you are limited by building controls or you need to fit an en-suite into a compact space, this efficient macerating pump will handle all waste water disposal for you.

The only pump you need for efficient waste disposal

Featuring two inlets, the Sanipro UP Macerator Pump is able to handle connection to a toilet, handbasin, bidet and power shower, giving you all the waste disposal power you need in one handy unit. Easy to install and offering a compact form, this pump will fit into the tightest of spaces without compromising on power or reliability.

The Sanipro UP Macerator Pump offers the following great benefits:

– Neat, unobtrusive and compact design
– Perfect for en-suite installations
– Inlets on both sides of the unit for easy appliance installation

Waste disposal the easy way

The innovative design of the Sanipro UP Macerator Pump means it is very efficient at disposing of all waste and waste water. Installed correctly, the pump will give many years of reliable use. It is the ideal solution in areas where traditional plumbing is not accessible or building controls do not allow for plumbing to be altered. When you are looking for a macerating pump that handles all waste efficiently and is easy to install, no other pump will do.

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