Saniflo Repairs By Post


Saniflo Repairs By Post


At Present we are no longer offering a repair service until further notice we will just be selling spare parts, we will still be offering our help and advice via email

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Saniflo Repairs By Post


At Present we are no longer offering a repair service until further notice we will just be selling spare parts, we will still be offering help and advice via email.

Please Read!

We have a minimum charge to work on all Saniflo & Turboflush Macerator units.

This is because we use a considerable amount of time working on your Saniflo to determine whether it can be repaired of not and if we can repair it for you we have to set it up to test it before we send it back to you.

Please contact us using the contact button at the top before you send a Saniflo to us describing the symptoms to determine whether it is repairable or

Saniflo Repair Pricesnot as you will not be entitled to a refund if we work on it and cannot repair the unit after dismantling it! We accept all major debit and credit cards via our website using PayPal  & there is a credit/debit card option at the checkout..

PLEASE NOTE: Send your Saniflo to the address we give you after you have paid.

Our price list includes: Dismantling, diagnosis, repairing and testing, postage not included. (Please note: With Sanichasse & Sanicompact units – DO NOT send the toilet pan just send the pump unit)

Saniflo Repairs Prices

Our labour prices to inspect your Saniflo unit are given on the drop down button when you select your model of Saniflo.

Delivery address given once you have purchased a service.

After you have done this, all you have to do is send it to us using a courier of your choice, you will also be responsible for all postage. If you need a label put on your return Saniflo parcel you can email or post it too us and we will print it off and attach it to your parcel. You can send your parcel for between £5-£10 each way using these couriers

Please enclose a note inside the unit stating the following: 1. Contact telephone number, email address & home address. 2. Include details of any problems/symptoms you have experienced when running the macerator. This will enable us to speed up repairs. 3. Before any parts are fitted we will call or email you for authorisation, you will then be sent an online invoice for parts.

When payment is received your Saniflo will be fixed immediately, then sent back to you its as easy as that. Please note: Our price does not include parts.  Company Registered in England 08811876 Dr Saniflo is a website name of Rcad Limited, this will appear on your invoice. Homepage

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