Saniflo Descaler 5 Litres Cleanser Review

Buy Saniflo Descaler Cleanser 5 Litres

Saniflo Descaler will clean and enhance performance of your Saniflo if used frequently.

Use Saniflo Descaler on your macerator.

If used frequently can reduce costly repair bills


Buy Saniflo Descaler Cleanser 5 Litres Product Review

Does your Saniflo smell, start or stop intermittently, slow to start slow to stop?

Try using Saniflo Descaler Cleanser.

Saniflo descaler cleans and descales all Saniflo Macerator pumps and other branded macerator pumps, Saniflo recommends you use their product 2-3 times per year depending on water hardness.

Please do not use any kettle descalers as they don’t work, we have tried and experimented on old broken Saniflo’s with other branded descalers and none of them worked as good, kettle descalers are just for kettles.

Do not use One Shot drain cleaners or any other industrial strength acid drain unblockers on a Saniflo as they can damage your saniflo beyond repair, it clearly says this in the instruction booklet that comes with a new Saniflo Macerator.

To use Saniflo descaler it is so easy,

1, Turn off your Saniflo, pour 2.5 litres down your loo or sink depending on what model of Saniflo you have.

2, Leave the descaler to stand for up to two hours fizzing away cleaning and descaling.

3, Turn the machine back on and it should pump the existing contents out.

4, Flush you Saniflo out with two full cisterns full of water to rinse the machine out.

5, If your Saniflo is just connected to a kitchen sink or basin, fill it up twice to rinse out the Saniflo.

If your Saniflo still smells you may need to repeat the process, for best results always descale your Saniflo often especially it is brand new.

Saniflo Descaler cleans and descales all domestic Saniflo macerators and Saniflo waste water pumps, Saniflo Descaler will cleanse and descale all other branded macerator pumps too like Grundfos macerators etc.

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