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Get a Saniflo Alarm to warn you of potential problems, a must buy if your Saniflo is behind a panel, in a cupboard or boxed in

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Buy A New Saniflo Alarm For Your Macerator Pump

Easy to install, all you need is a drill with a 10mm drill bit, it alerts you to problems inside the unit.

Is your Saniflo boxed, tiled in or behind a wooden panel?

We strongly recommend fitting a Saniflo alarm which will warn you if the water level is too high in the Saniflo box. A Saniflo alarm should be fitted even if your Saniflo is not boxed in, the simple reason it could save you from potential flooding or alert you to up and coming problems.

The majority of Saniflo macerators never get descaled from new, after a few years the membrane can be damaged by limescale or the microswitch can become worn if the machine is used a lot. If these two parts have problems the Saniflo will not switch on early enough and the water level in the box can become too high, if a Saniflo alarm was fitted to your macerator pump it would warn you about a potential problem.

The Saniflo alarm is not a diagnostic kit it is simply an alarm which has an air pressure sensor switch which activates when the box has flooded or the water level become too high.

A Saniflo alarm is easy to fit, anyone with basic DIY skills can fit one. All you have to do is drill a 10mm on the Saniflo macerator lid, on the newer Saniflo’s there is a mark to show you where to drill.

Once you have drilled the hole you have to insert a rubber tube which comes with the Saniflo alarm and smear some sealant around the rubber tube insert to make the hole water tight. Once you have done that you simply get the alarm, switch it on and insert the alarm in to the rubber tube and that’s it. Fitting a Saniflo alarm with no obstructions should take around 10 minutes.

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