Sanicubic 1 Macerator Pump Review

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Sanicubic 1 Macerator Pump 1102 Review

Sanicubic 1 Macerator Pump Robust, durable and built to last, this high performance macerator pump is ideal for use in large homes and commercial settings.

Thanks to its large capacity and reliable internal fixtures, the Sanicubic Macerator Pump is able to handle the waste from two WCs, as well as multiple grey water producing appliances, at the same time. So if you’re planning to add an extra toilet, bathroom or utility room to your busy home, lively café or popular retail space, this hardworking unit could be the perfect solution.

Possible connections for the Sanicubic Macerator Pump include toilets, kitchen sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines (using indirect connections), dishwashers, basins and bidets. In fact, with its impressive 11m vertical discharge and 110m horizontal discharge, this large, hardwearing pump is so versatile, you can use it to add a kitchen, utility room, ensuite or family bathroom almost anywhere on your property.

Externally wired, made from tough, durable materials and featuring integrated non-return valves, the Sanicubic Macerator Pump is incredibly hard wearing and hard working. Though it cannot be connected to a Building Management System, the pump is able to handle temperatures of up to 70˚C for short periods.

Designed and built by Saniflo, the Sanicubic Macerator Pump will work with a variety of the other products from the range. And when installed by a trained and qualified professional, the pump will discharge water efficiently and effectively, allowing you to enjoy your new bathroom, kitchen or utility room in peace, quiet and style.

The perfect choice for busy homes and commercial properties, this durable, reliable and well built Macerator Pump will deliver consistent results every time. If you’re looking for a pump with a large capacity and the ability to remove waste efficiently and effectively, the Sanicubic Macerator Pump could be the perfect solution to your needs.

Order your Sanicubic Macerator Pump now and, thanks to our fast delivery times, you’ll have your new bathroom, kitchen or utility room up and running before you know it. As our prices offer consistently good value, you can be confident that you’re getting the best deal around.

To find out more about the Sanicubic Macerator Pump or any of the other products in our range, take a look around our site or get in touch with a member of our team today.

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