Rothenberger Manual Drain Snake

Rothenberger Manual Drain Snake 

Rothenberger Manual Drain Snake

This drain snake will remove most blockages from a Saniflo small bore waste pipe.

This handy tool can remove sludge from 40mm waste outlet too. All you have to do is attache your battery drill on the the hexagon shaft on the back, once attached slowly feed the wire in to the pipe. This does not automatic feed, you have to turn it a few turns then push the wire in to the pipe by hand, then repeat.

If the wire gets jammed all you have to do is put your drill in reverse and gently pull the spring out and it will probably have the blockage removed to.

This tool is great for unblocking waking machine pipes, bath waste pipes, basin waste pipes and any other waste pipe 40mm or under.

The drain snake is approximately 7 metres long.

This or any other drain snake will not go around 22mm 90 degree elbow without getting jammed or damaging the spring.

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