Fluidmaster Quiet Float Valve 15mm


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Fluidmaster bottom fill quiet float valves

with a 15mm thread are one of the best valves on the market.

They fit almost any cistern and are height adjustable to suit all shapes and sized cistern.

We use these valves when replacing faulty ball valves in customers properties as they are high quality and long lasting.

They can accept high and low water pressure systems without any special adjustment.

These ball valves will work in a Saniflo Sanichasse cistern too.

We always recommend fitting a 15mm isolating valve near the ball valve or a flexible 15mm isolating valve, as it makes repairing your Saniflo easier.

If you need help or advice or are not sure it will fit your cistern please email a couple of photos of you cistern we will be glad to help you.

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