Sanishower Waste Water Pump Review

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Sanishower Waste Water Pump 250w 1043 Review

The perfect solution when you need a waste water pump

Sanishower Waste Water Pump. If you own a large home, or run a small business, you might want to add one or more of the following important facilities to your property:

• shower, bathtub or small wash hand basin
• washing machine or dishwasher

You may have little difficulty in plumbing such devices into their new location. However, a major area of concern is how to deal with the waste water that is then generated.

Thankfully, these really clever people at Saniflo have come up with a thoroughly practical and extremely cost effective solution. Their SFA Group have been market leaders in the provision of such products for more than half a century, having invented the famous macerating systems. These are found in so many locations around the world, and their brand is recognised for its high quality matched to unrivalled technical expertise.

Introducing the Sanicom lifting pump

This terrific product is a lifting pump for waste water and is the perfect solution for both commercial and in-home applications. As well as in many houses, flats or apartments, the Sanicom lifting pump has already been installed and used in many commercial locations. These range from restaurants and other parts of the catering industry, where hygiene is of such great importance, right through to places such as hairdressing salons where it’s important to flush away all the chemicals and the like used in their hair treatment processes.

The Sanicom lifting pump unit operates automatically, and is noted for the high level of its performance. It has proved itself to be thoroughly reliable in a wide variety of locations. It operates effectively with basins, showers and bathtubs, as well as both dishwashers and washing machines (using an indirect connection).

It offers vertical discharges up to 8m and horizontal up to 80m and can deal with a maximum temperature of up to 90C (which makes it a great choice with washing machines).

Choosing a Sanicom lifting pump for your project or location

To order your pump see prices above. We specialise in swift delivery and truly competitive prices. If you have any questions, or want to discuss your location or project and its specific needs, please email our friendly, helpful and professional team.

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