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Adding to the facilities in your home with a Broysan Macerator Pump

If you are looking to improve the utilities or facilities and increase the usable space in your home, then this super Broysan Macerator Pump allows you to deal with the vital drainage requirements. You might be looking to:

• Convert your garage into a independent living area for an elderly relative
• Undertake a loft conversion to add another bedroom for an expanding family
• Add to the facilities in your current utilities room
• Install an extra bathroom, perhaps on the ground floor, when climbing the stairs on a regular basis may be problematic for a member of your family
• Add an extension to your home to provide extra space for guests to visit

Actions like these add extra stresses to the current toilet, washing and such facilities you currently have in your home, or show a clear need to add to them. The key problem, in such circumstances, is how you deal with the drainage necessary for the water or waste that would be created. Your conventional home systems might not be able to be easily adapted or added to. If this is your situation, then this could substantially raise the costs of any project.

How the Broysan Macerator Pump helps solve so many problems

Maceration is a technique which uses a simple grinding or blending process to reduce the water waste caused in home toilet and other systems and then allows it to be pumped away.

This is the perfect installation where your current drainage systems aren’t equipped to cope. Your Broysan Macerator Pump, available for fast delivery and at an extremely competitive price, can be attached to a toilet, shower system, wash hand basin, bidet, and a bath tub.

It also works superbly with either a dishwasher or washing machine. In all of these areas it solves the problem of waste water disposal without the need for any hugely costly construction work.

This terrific pumping solution has a superb maximum discharge distance of 100 metres and an outstandingly useful discharge height of up to eight metres. It works with discharge pipes of 22/28/32 mm. It even provides plugs to stop any unused connections.

If you are looking to add to the bathroom or utility facilities in your home, then this competitively priced and highly recommended Macerator Pump from Broysan can be your swiftly-delivered, simple solution to so many problems.

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