Dr Saniflo Saniflo Macerator Repair Refurbishment Fixing Service

Doctor Saniflo was set up to reduce the number of Saniflo units being thrown away as we are an environmentally conscious company. We were finding that most plumbers (not ourselves) were being hired to fix a Saniflo Macerator they would simply say it is broken or the motor is gone to the customer and you need a new one when really all it would need was a new part to get the unit going again.

Due to the unpleasant nature inside the unit they did not want to get involved in repairing the unit, the plumber would then charge for a new unit plus his labour time then off he went, the customer would have the outlay of a new Saniflo and have a spare unit which could have been fixed quite easily.

If you would like to use our service please go to the prices page for full instructions.


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